New Project: Jungle Skipper

September 15, 2017

My name is Daniel and I’m addicted to Disney theme parks!

There I’ve said it, it feels good to admit it. Anyone who knows me has come in the firing line of my latest obsession, being subjected to my encyclopedic knowledge of Disney theme parks.

So I’ve created a new outlet for my knowledge jungleskipper is a place where you can find detailed reviews of Disney parks, history of theme park rides and tips about planning your next adventure.

But why? I’m often asked, I normally reply that I am fascinated by the design of the parks. Everything you see has been put there for a reason to be some part of a narrative you may not have known existed. Walking around the parks you could see things that no one ever expected you to find but forms a sub plot of a storyline.

Take for example this tweet to Joe Rhode, the Imagineer who lead the recent expansion of Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Phamton Visions decoded a tablet in the queue line to Mission Breakout in California and it relates to a yet undiscovered prop in Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s like a world-wide treasure hunt, someone has to create and plan that interaction. The level of attention to detail is mind blowing.


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